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Help Keep Taos Warm this Winter!

This Hot Spring Spas Grandee was designed by the BMW Group DesignworksUSA. To help keep Taos, New Mexico warm this winter 3% of proceeds on ANY hot tub sale will go to Taos Men’s Shelter. There’s never been a better time to buy a hot tub! — at Wolfgang’s Spa Works.


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Schedule Your Hot Tub Maintenance

Does your hot tub need maintenance? We can maintain your hot tub on a regular schedule, if you contract for regular maintenance visits at least monthly. We can also adjust your regularly scheduled visits to occur between groups of renters or guests, if we receive adequate notice of check-in and check-out days.
Hot Tub Maintenance

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Healing for an Active Lifestyle

We understand an active lifestyle! Everyone at Wolfgang’s Spa Works
participates in activities that can leave you with aches and pains but we’ll never
give up our sports!
We want you to meet Lou, a former motorcycle racer, and Hot Spring spa
owner. 37 years after an accident Lou still experiences pain. The more active he
stays, the more it hurts. But, spending each day in his Hot Spring spa allows him
to forget about age, and forget about the pain, and do all of the things he wants
to do.

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A Hot Spring Hot Tub Can Change Your Life

Here at Wolfgang’s Spa Works we know how important hot tub therapy is for American’s. As an injured veteran, Ed Robinson turned to medication to relieve the pain. Sleep was often difficult, and running was often out of the question. After his purchase of a Hot Spring hot tub life changed forever. The warm water comforts Ed, relaxing the muscles that cause pain, and allowing him to forego medication and future surgeries. A Hot Spring spa allows Ed to do the things outside he loves to do each and every

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Nordic Plug and Play Sale!

Nordic Sport – Save $840 off our normal price!

Standard Features Include:

110V 15A Plug n Play Only!

•15A GFCI Cord Installed!

•Ozone Generator Installed!

•Title 20 Insulation Installed!

•LED Foot Well Light Installed!

•All Adjustable Stainless Jetting!

•4”-2” Matching Cover!

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New Study Finds Sauna and Exercise Share Many Benefits.

New Study Finds Sauna and Exercise Share Many Benefits.

Can sauna replace exercise for health benefits? Not completely, but there are related benefits.

If you are an avid sauna enthusiast or have been researching the health benefits of sauna to determine the best way to add heat bathing to your health and wellness program, you have likely read articles on:

How many calories are burned in a typical sauna session
How lactic acid is released from the muscles through the deep penetrating heat of sauna
How the cardiovascular system can be

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FREE Wireless Sound System!*

*Get a FREE Bluetooth Wireless Sound System including a sub-woofer and speakers built into your hot tub with purchase of a new HotSpring Highlife® or LimeLight® Hot Tub. MARCH 21st through March 31st. That’s a $1,299 savings!


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NO Chlorine! Try Our Salt Water System…

NEW!! Try a natural salt water system to sanitize your spa water. You add NO chlorine. The water is soft, clear, and odorless. Can be used in any spa, and is surpisingly affordable. Ask Neil for more details. FED UP WITH YOUR ELECTRICAL BILL?  We can calculate for you approximately how much you would save each month with one of our super energy-efficient spas. Monthly Electrical savings are often $25 or more, compared to an older spa or one of lesser quality. Over five years, that’s $1500!

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