Taos, NM Hot Tub Dealer Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Wolfgang’s Spa Works, First full service hot tub dealer in U.S. to accept Bitcoin Payments.

Taos, NM: Today, Wolfgang’s Spa Works, a full service hot tub dealer in Taos, NM, announced they will be accepting Bitcoin payments for hot tub purchases. After securing a reputation as the Enchanted Circle’s premier hot tub dealer, Wolfgang’s Spa Works is now taking the next step in serving their local and international customers. Namely, allowing people to pay for hot tubs with Bitcoin, the new digital currency that’s been gaining market capitalization like wildfire.

On the dealer’s recent move, Wolfgang’s Spa Works Vice President Neil Collins said, “We want to get in first on this thing. There is currently no full service hot tub dealer in the US that accepts cryptocurrency payments. Bitcoin is exploding in value and adoption and the buzz is justified. There are folks everywhere who are part of this decentralized currency system and we want them to know that they can use their gains directly to get their own personal hot spring in their own backyard. No need to waste money transferring it into USD.”

There are two big reasons for this Bitcoin strategy:

  1. Expand the ways in which people can pay for a hot tub.
  2. Give people a chance to use their gains directly for large purchases.

To make sure payments are secure and reliable, Wolfgang’s has teamed up with Bitpay, the world’s leading Bitcoin payment processor.

About Wolfgang’s Spa Works: Wolfgang’s Spa Works is a full service hot tub dealer in Taos, NM. Founded in 2001, Wolfgang’s has installed and serviced hot tubs for thousands of customers in the greater Northern NM area. Wolfgang’s has received many awards over the years, including three Silver Dealer awards from Hot Spring Spas and one Entrepreneur of The Year award from the Taos County Chamber of Commerce.