Virgin Atlantic takes the plunge with inflight hot tubs on B787s


APRIL 1, 2015 – Virgin Atlantic always likes to offer its Upper Class passengers something a little different, and its latest innovation means pampered passengers can not just drink bubbles, but have a dip in them too! The airline has signed a deal with UK company Hot Tub Barn, which, as you may have guessed, means that Upper Class cabins will soon feature hot tubs, to be fitted at the Door 2 entrance where the bar area is currently located.

Virgin Atlantic's technical crew are working out the inevitable minor difficulties related to installation of the hot tubs in the cabin, which will begin with the airline's newest Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet. There are also as-yet unconfirmed reports that the B747 fleet could feature a hot tub on each deck, linked by a slide. To avoid disappointment, Upper Class guests are advised to book their inflight dip in advance, though ad hoc sessions will be available.

Crew on the hot tub-equipped flights will be trained on how to maintain good spa water chemisty, as well as in proper safety and emergency procedures. Of course, Virgin Atlantic has had to establish a few ground rules for the facility. Passengers who are visibly intoxicated will not be permitted to use the hot tub, and running and diving is prohibited, though light petting is permitted at the crew's discretion. Verucca socks will also be available upon request.

“I've long dreamed of putting hot tubs into the sky, and we couldn't have a more fitting partner for this endeavor than Virgin Atlantic. I'm so proud to be able to give travelers the opportunity to join an exclusive new 'mile high club', one that I myself can't wait to be part of too,” stated Hot Tub Barn MD, Huw Chivers.

Nik Lusardi, design manager for customer experience at Virgin Atlantic, who played a major role in the design of the airline's recently launched and highly glamorous B787 bar unit, was unavailable for comment on the bar's bubbly replacement. However, sources at the airline say that while he is sad about the removal of the bar, he is also "really, really excited" at the prospect of an airborne soak, especially since some of the stylish bar finishes have been carried over to the hot tub panels.