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Two-seater used Hot Tub! Solana TX

Two-seater used Hot Tub! Solana TX. Extremely energy efficient. Plugs into 110 volt. New control, moto-massage. $2,495.00. Comes with cord and plug, cover, chemical start-up kit, free delivery to Taos/Colfax county.


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Getting Down to Business with Wolfgang’s Spa Works

It’s hard to think of hot tubs without also thinking of Wolfgang’s Spa Works. Neil Collins, part owner and son of the business’ namesake, sat down with The Taos News to talk about the business of hot water, why people hot tub and protecting brand integrity in the face of planned obsolesce.

Let’s start with the “who” behind Wolfgang’s Spa Works.

I was born in Santa Fe, but I was raised back and forth between there and Taos a lot. I used to remodel homes in Albuquerque. Wolfgang’s my dad, and he needed a

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Success Story: Wolfgang’s Spa Works Can-do people with positive attitude

When Wolfgang and Neil Collins hire a new employee, they not only look for someone who has mechanical skills but, above all, is both honest and trustworthy.

“We must make our customers feel comfortable with us being on their property,” said Wolfgang, who has been selling and servicing hot tubs in Northern New Mexico for more than 20 years. “The real thing that we have is trust — trust that we can do the job right and trust that all of us are responsible, honest people.”

Wolfgang’s Spa Works is

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Virgin Atlantic takes the plunge with inflight hot tubs on B787s

APRIL 1, 2015 – Virgin Atlantic always likes to offer its Upper Class passengers something a little different, and its latest innovation means pampered passengers can not just drink bubbles, but have a dip in them too! The airline has signed a deal with UK company Hot Tub Barn, which, as you may have guessed, means that Upper Class cabins will soon feature hot tubs, to be fitted at the Door 2 entrance where the bar area is currently located.

Virgin Atlantic’s technical crew are working out the inevitable minor difficulties

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Real People, Real Stories – Sal’s Hot Spring Story

The D’Amico family lives life on the go, running to soccer practice, school, and MMA. With activity comes soreness, and a chaotic schedule. Taking a few steps out their backdoor you’ll find a Hot Spring spa, a place for the family to come together after a busy day and reconnect.

As a family the D’Amico’s are creating memories that will last a lifetime, talking and telling stories, and opening up in ways they would not have done otherwise. As a busy parent the spa ushers in a complete state of rejuvenation

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Wolfgang’s Spa Works: An investment in your quality of life

For people like Paul Johnson of Taos, a hot tub is much more than a container of water with air jets.

“Of all things I’ve purchased, my hot tub from Wolfgang’s Spa Works has been my best investment,” Johnson recently said. “It’s improved my health, and given me a true sense of well-being. It’s better than a fancy car or vacation.

“I got the most bang for my buck with my hot tub from Wolfgang’s than any of that other stuff,” Johnson said.

Such an endorsement is music to

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10 Amazing Facts About Hot Tubs

1. Hot Tub “Jets” Came From Early Aircraft Machinists

Jacuzzi isn’t a name conceived by some genius advertising company; it’s the last name of seven brothers that immigrated to the United States from Italy at the turn of the 20th century. Transplanted on the West Coast in Berkeley, California, the Jacuzzi brothers forged their way into the aircraft manufacturing business, machining pumps and propellers as well as the first ever enclosed monoplane that was utilized by the U.S. Postal Service.

Transitioning their expertise with hydraulic aircraft pumps to agricultural use, the brothers were laying

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Feel Better Now! With your tub purchase in May you’ll get 1 FREE month of Unlimited Classes at Taos Yoga Therapy (a $108 value!). *Offer ends 5/30/15

lifestyle-sto_3403Therapeutic in So Many Ways

We all know a hot tub reduces stress, increases social engagement and helps with a variety of ailments.

Feel Better Now!

With your tub purchase in May you’ll get 1 FREE month of Unlimited Classes at


(a $108 value!)

*Offer ends 5/30/15

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Help Keep Taos Warm this Winter!

This Hot Spring Spas Grandee was designed by the BMW Group DesignworksUSA. To help keep Taos, New Mexico warm this winter 3% of proceeds on ANY hot tub sale will go to Taos Men’s Shelter. There’s never been a better time to buy a hot tub! — at Wolfgang’s Spa Works.


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