Service Rates

Service Rates

Regular Maintenance Rates / Repair Service Rates / Hot Tub Moving Rates

We can maintain your hot tub on a regular schedule, if you contract for regular maintenance visits at least monthly. We can also adjust your regularly scheduled visits to occur between groups of renters or guests, if we receive adequate notice of check-in and check-out days.

Maintenance rates are as follows:

A visit once a week:         $50.00 per visit*

Every other week:            $57.00 per visit*

Once a month:                  $65.00 per visit*

*plus sales tax, and $8.00 chemical charge

-A distance charge of $12.00 per visit applies to Taos Ski Valley, Angel Fire, Gallina Canyon, Deer Mesa, West of Gorge Bridge and similarly distant areas.

-A distance charge of $17.00 per visit applies to Red River, Questa and similarly distant areas.

What you get with a regular maintenance visit: Our trained employees will test and chemically balance the water; clean and inspect the filter; hose off the cover; treat the vinyl cover with sunscreen; vacuum the inside of the spa; skim the water; and look over the system for proper operation, noting to management any apparent need for repairs. The employee also records the temperature, water condition, and sanitizer level in his log after each visit.

In addition to regular maintenance visits, your maintenance contract with us entitles you to a drain and refill of the hot tub 2 times a year, at no extra charge. This job normally takes two hours and costs over $100 with other companies. Additional drains beyond this will be charged extra (we will ask you first).

PLEASE NOTEAny visit (even the first one) may, in the opinion of our staff, show a need for an immediate drain and fill. If you don’t want the tub drained on any particular day (for example, because it then wouldn’t be hot in time for arriving guests) YOU MUST TELL US well before your visit is scheduled. We are thinking of your safety when we drain and fill, but if the timing is inconvenient, let us know in good time.

We furnish all chemicals necessary, so that you need not keep a large supply on hand. We do recommend, however, that you always keep a supply of Shock (also called MPS, or Oxidizer) on site, so that you, a guest, or a caretaker can freshen the water after the tub is used. If you opt for a once-a-month schedule, and you will have renters/guests, a caretaker should also monitor the water between guest visits for adequate levels of sanitizer (chlorine, bromine or biquanide), and adjust when necessary. A once-a-month visit alone is usually not enough to ensure that the water remains safe, especially with heavy use.

We bill once a month by mail or e-mail, whichever you designate. If you prefer, we can also charge your credit card on file each month and send you a receipted invoice.

Repair Rate is as follows:

$200.00 an hour with a one hour minimum.

$100.00 an hour TRAVEL CHARGE for any job beyond the Taos area.

Hot Tub Moving Rate is as follows:

$400.00 an hour with a one hour minimum. Charged from when we leave our shop here in Taos.