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“Owning a Wolfgang tub is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Soaking in my open air tub is the best way to start (and end) each day. Of course, the scenery here in Vadito adds a nice touch too.”

Bernie Ellis
Ranchito Feliz Destino
Vadito, NM

“Wolfgang and Neil, Thanks for the great hot tub, professional service and install! This morning was awesome as a first light dip.”

Sam and KateHey 
Taos, NM

“Wolfgang’s Spa Works has it all: great products at a good price, a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and absolutely stellar customer service. Don’t even think about going anywhere else for your hot tub!”

Vishu Magee
Archetype Design, Inc.

“Wolfgang and Neil, Thanks so much for your immediate resolution of my problem yesterday. Your fantastic technician (whose name I need to get) is THE BEST. He is so patient and takes no short cuts. He evaluated the problem, drained the tub, refilled it, balanced the chemicals, all with a smile. I am proud to be your customer. Thanks again and we look forward to a great long term relationship.”

Sincerely, Kurt Dykema Angel Fire, NM

“What fantastic people the people at Wolfgang’s Spa Works are. They made a deal that was incredible. They gave me good quality. They’ve given me good service, down through the years, they’ve helped me with my old hot tub. And when it was time to trade in, they made all the difference in the world. It beats driving 500 miles to try and get a better deal, trust me. These people are good people. They know their business and they will take care of you.”

David Peñasco, NM

“Wolfgang’s Spa Works has provided exceptional service for our vacation rental in Taos. 
Their staff is friendly, reliable and knowledgable. The products sold at Wolfgang’s are top of the line
 and the prices are very competitive. I can’t imagine having a hot tub in Taos with out Wolfgang’s!
A special thanks to Neil and his dad for providing such great service in Taos.”
Laury Alexander
(owner) Casita Maria

“We love our Hot Tub.  We use it all four seasons. It has been with us for 14 years now and you have always been there to keep it in top condition. Thank you for your fantastic service.”

Steve and Christine

“Wolfgang Spa Works, we appreciate your pinnacle service!  Your team ensures all of our vacation rental home hot tubs are in excellent condition mechanically and the water is sparkling clean for our guests.  Thank you!”

Gabrielle Nelson,
Quality Assurance Manager for Kokopelli Property Management-Taos

“After nearly 6months of enjoying the “DeadSea” we wonder why didn’t we do this years ago?  Seldom a day goes by w/o indulging in the experience of watching the sunset while enjoying the therapy, almost as good as a massage. 

Wolfgang’s Spa Works has been a great fit for us.  We wanted a spa that supported our lifestyle; simple but high-quality, we mtBK, hike, moto.  Wolfgang’s understood what we were looking for, and recommended a spa that fit, -installation was smooth.  They helped us through the learning curve of water chemistry and upkeep.   The entire experience was beyond our expectations, it is good to have them in Taos.”

Johnnie + Carole Ross
Nordic with Nexa natural Chlorine generator.  DeadSea Salt.

“We purchased a Tiger River/Hot Spring Caspian Silver Pearl/Coastal Gray hot tub from Wolfgang in December 2006.  From the moment of purchase, to installation, and on going service, Wolfgang and crew provided excellent service.  The Caspian hot tub has been a fantastic replacement of an older hot tub.  The therapeutic and relaxation value of this tub is wonderful.  During the summer in the mountains, we often start the day with a 20-30 minute session in the tub.  During ski season, there’s not a better way to take the kinks  out and relax after a day of hitting the slopes.  We can’t say enough about how much we enjoy our hot tub and the fine folks at Wolfgang’s.” 

– Drew Maxwell
Austin, TX / Angel Fire, NM

“Our Hot Springs Vanguard is located in a section of our garden.  We bought it in July 2008.  We have used it literally every day since then. We wonder what took us so long to have one!”

– DR. Marty Hewlett
Taos, NM

“As out of state residents, working with the folks at Wolfgang’s has been a breeze. They understood our desire to get as much life out of the old tub as possible and we did, thanks to their keen problem solving skills. But when the old tub finally bit the dust, we just picked up the phone and got a new one. No hassles, no delays, and the price was right. When we arrived, it was placed just where we wanted it, and it looks great. Their regular maintenance plan makes sure it is in tip-top shape and waiting for tired bodies.”

– Mary Laurie
Bigelo, AR / Arroyo Seco, NM.

“I bought my spa several years ago from Wolfgang not only because of their GREAT reputation and wanting to support the local economy but I needed someone close to help me in case there was a problem.  At that time Wolfgang told me my spa would cost $10 a month to run.  In the meantime my ELECTRIC bill with Kit Carson has been astronomical especially in January!!!  So I bought 2 radiant heaters from Kit Carson for the house and unplugged my spa to conserve on electricity.  My ELECTRIC bill this January is no different from the previous January, which is double the December amount, and I ruined the heater in my hot tub!!!!  The moral to the story is BELIEVE in Wolfgang!  Not only is everyone friendly (Neil, David), they are helpful, will be right out to take care of the problem and work out a payment plan for those who have problems when their ELECTRIC bills are outrageous, Christmas spending catches up with you and taxes are due!!!!”

Janet Scott
El Prado

“It is with great pleasure as a customer of Wolfgang’s Spa Works to comment on the excellent service I have received in the past fifteen years!  In the fifteen years I have never once considered changing service providers for spa cleaning.  Wolfgang and his employees have always been reliable and in some cases performed beyond expectations by going a little beyond what is required.  Our home is leased out frequently and requires constant attention which Wolfgang has consistently provided.  There have been times outside of normal business hours that required maintenance and there has always been a “can do” attitude to get what was required completed.  Thank you for fifteen years of great service!”

– Dennis Boone
South Orange, NJ / Arroyo Seco, NM. 

“Wolfgang’s – Best service of any business in Taos!  Purchased my hot tub a few years ago from Wolfgang’s and their friendly customer service never stops.  If I have a question, minor problem or need supplies they treat me like a friend and valued customer…no issue is too small and they try their best to deal with things as quickly as possible.  My home is a short-term rental and occasionally a renter “creates” a problem and often a quick phone call from Wolfgang’s friendly staff to my renter talks them through the operation of the tub.   I really enjoy stopping in their store and Neil is really a great guy.  They really stand by their products and customers!”

Newtown, PA / Taos, NM

“It is my pleasure to give Wolfgang Spa Works the highest possible recommendation. Since the fall of 2000 I have received outstanding service from Wolfgang, Jennifer and Neil. They have serviced two hot tubs and when I replaced my old hot tub in Taos I bought a new one from Wolfgang Spa Works. When I moved to Santa Fe there was no question that I would purchase it from Wolfgang. Neil delivered and installed my new spa in Santa Fe and has promptly answered all my questions. I still buy all my supplies through the mail. Thank you.  Wolfgang, Jennifer and Neil.”

Robert Hiller
Santa Fe, NM

“Often I joke that I’m a guy who believes that no truly “civilized” man would live without a hot tub.  I’ve had a hot tub of one type or another for over 20 years.  I bought a hot tub at the State Fair thinking that I was getting a deal.  I’ve shopped out of town thinking that no local company could possibly provide a better product.  But I’ve never had a better deal than I have from the folks at Wolfgang’s Spa Works.  My Hot Spring spa is the best and the folks at Wolfgang’s couldn’t have been more helpful.  They’re truly a full service company that can be relied upon to respond with professionalism and humor. They have wonderful product and they’re the most knowledgeable pros in the business.”

– Eric Larson
Taos, NM.

“My hot tub is the best investment I ever made. I’m in it every night – it’s fantastic!”

Chris Baker, Editor
Taos News, Taos, NM

“I have worked with Wolfgang’s Spa Works for the last several years. Wolfgang, Neil, David — the “crew” have kept me stress-free and my guests happy with many last minute di-stress calls; they have come to my rescue at 4PM on a Friday for a hot tub repair! Love all their great sense of humor too, makes life in Taos business relationships enjoyable. Thumbs Up, Five Stars to Wolfgang’s!”

Terry Sedal – Owner, Qualifying Broker – RossLynn Reservations Property Management

“You keep my hot tub looking so great and inviting.  Thank you SO much.”

– Melissa Serfling
Taos, NM

“Great Service and so easy to pay, I love you guys!!!!!  Thanks and just know how much I think of who you are and how you do business.  TAOS IS BLESSED BY YOU. Great billing program guys……goes right along with the excellent service.  It was actually fun paying a bill not to mention I love that tub.”

Taos, NM 

“Hi Wolfgang/Neil: Jeff and I finally sold our condo and will be heading out for our next adventure in life. It has truly been our pleasure knowing and doing business with you. We of course gave Wolfgang’s Spas a glowing reference/recommendation to our buyer. Thanks again for everything!”

Jeff & Cristie Needham

“Wolfgang and Neil,

Thanks very much for getting Kyle’s hot tub up and running. I really like the way you guys do business — you have a customer for life.”

Ken Hawari, Taos, NM