The AquaFIT PLUS® swim spa is the ultimate hybrid of fitness and fun when you want everything! The dual-temp feature keeps you at peak performance temperature during the most vigorous low-impact workout, while the other side heats up for a soothing, post-exercise soak. Swim stationary laps for a full-body workout, row to work the upper body and arms, or jog underwater for a cardiovascular workout. Afterwards, enjoy a massage with fully-adjustable, hydrotherapy jets. Make the most of your backyard in the largest, most dynamic swim spa available!


Length: 228"
Width: 90.25″
Height: 52"
Primary Specs
Jet Therapy™ Pillows 1
High-volume swim jets 4 or (6 Optional)
Optimounts™ 14
Tether Mount 2
Swim Tether 1
Swim Jet Air Valve 2
Swim Bar 1
Stereo Optional
UltraPure Standard
Weight Dry 3500 lbs (8200 kg)
Weight Wet 18000 lbs (6550 kg)
Water Capacity 2400 Gallons (9085 Liters)
Electrical North America/Asia 60 HZ : 240V, 50/40A
Electrical Europe 50 HZ : 240V, 1×32/3×16/2x16A
Pumps North America/Asia 60 HZ : 1 x 5.0/(3.0) HP Dual Speed (Swim) 2 x 5.0/(3.0) HP Single Speed (Swim) 1 x 4.0/(2.5) HP Dual Speed (Spa)
Pumps Europe 50 HZ :1 x 3.6/(2.0) HP Dual Speed (Swim) 2 x 3.6/(2.0) HP Single Speed (Swim) 1 x 3.6/(2.0) HP Single Speed (Spa)