As the big brother to the AquaFIT SPORT® swim spa, the AquaFIT PRO® provides a place for an amazing workout and a place to relax and have fun. Patented optimounts for resistance bands offer the safest, strongest and most versatile workout and powerful swim spa jets are positioned to give you lift and create a challenging swim. After your workout, cool down with powerful massage jets in the Max Therapy seat equipped with the patented, ultra-relaxing Jet Therapy® pillow. Enjoy all these features in crystal clean water with D1’s UltraPure water management system.


Length: 228"
Width: 90.25″
Height: 62"
Primary Specs
Jet Therapy™ Pillows 1
High-volume swim jets 4 or (6 Optional)
Optimounts™ 14
Tether Mount 2
Swim Tether 1
Swim Jet Air Valve 2
Swim Bar 1
Stereo Optional
UltraPure Standard
Weight Dry 3600 lbs (1633 kg)
Weight Wet 23600 lbs (10705 kg)
Water Capacity 2400 Gallons (9085 Liters)
Electrical North America/Asia 60 HZ : 240V, 50/40A
Electrical Europe 50 HZ : 240V, 1×32/3×16/2x16A
Pumps North America/Asia 60 HZ : 1 x 5.0/(3.0) HP Dual Speed 2 x 5.0/(3.0) HP Single Speed
Pumps Europe 50 HZ :1 x 3.6/(2.0) HP Dual Speed 2 x 3.6/(2.0) HP Single Speed