Crown XL™

Reigning as top of the line design for Nordic’s Classic Series Round hot tubs, the Crown XL™ will delight you with its power and graceful design.

Easily enter this tub using the generous step-in/cool-down seat and settle in to all encompassing, soothing hydrotherapy. Engage the double Nordic Star™ whirlpool jets for a magnificent, whole-body, hot water experience for total relaxation.

Treat yourself like royalty in Nordic’s Crown XL™!


Primary Specs
Seating 6-person
Diameter 84 in (213 cm)
Depth 38.5 in (89 cm)
Weight (Dry) 400 lbs (181 kg)
Operating Capacity 330 gal (1249 L)

Features and Options

We build our hot tubs to be amazing and you’ll think so too! Here’s why!