Escape MS™

Create an oasis in your backyard in Nordic’s 110V/220V convertible Escape MS™! Designed with hot water therapy in mind, this family friendly model accommodates up to 6 adults.

Versatility plus simplicity of design and operation lets you enjoy all the benefits of hot water therapy in a round tub within a square(ish) footprint.

Escape to an intimate setting for entertaining or for simple sanctuary from the stress of daily living in our Escape MS™!


Primary Specs
Seating 6-person
Depth 35 in (89 cm)
Length 82 in (208 cm)
Width 80 in (203 cm)
Weight (Dry) 450 lbs (204 kg)
Operating Capacity 300 gal (1136 L)

Features and Options

Modern Innovation Meets Amazing Hot Water Therapy in Every Nordic Hot Tub!